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Elle The Yogi

Guiding the greater Charlotte area to a pura vida state of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga Alliance certified in ashtanga, vinyasa, and yin yoga. Available for private, couple, or corporate sessions by appointment.

Private in-home or in-office sessions available upon request.

Summer Retreat 2022 info coming soon.


About Elle

MBA Meets Pura Vida

My journey into yoga began from behind a desk and computer screen as a senior in the corporate world. Like many, the pandemic introduced me to levels of stress and uncertainty that I realized were deeply contrary to a rich and meaningful life.


After being introduced to Jonah Kest of KESTYOGA, I fell in love with vinyasa yoga and thus began my journey as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica - the birthplace of the pura vida way of life - where I trained with some of the most elite yoga teachers in the world in the signature seven doorways of vinyasa that make the Kest lineage unlike any other in yoga. 

My life is a testimony to the fact that new beginnings are possible at any age and in any occupation. Eating disorder in my 20s. Cancer in my 30s. A pandemic in my 40s. I am still in 'the corporate world' and have never felt more aligned in mind, body, and spirit.

Let me help you or your company maintain pura vida through the equanimity of comprehensive yoga practice.  


The best YTT teachers in the business (from left to right): Jonah Kest, Ashley Griffin, and Andrew Sealy


"Elle's class is a yoga experience. She truly has a way of getting students out of their heads and into their hearts. Her use of stories and themes during class brings inspiration and levity to the ancient practice."

- Jonah Kest, founder of KESTYOGA, @kestyoga

"Elle has such a way of creating a presence and space that allows the practitioner to really delve inward. Her voice is soft and sweet, yet her sequences are strong, powerful, and well built. I can't wait to take her class again!  

- Renae Malone, artist, @renaemalone

Contact me with questions or requests. Always open to opportunities to partner!

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